Founded by Brad Kuhn, Volution Media has quickly become the go-to traffic source for some of the most successful companies in direct response. Brad is dedicated to creating a holistic media buying company which becomes more than just an agency. Volution always integrates honesty, transparency, and communication into how we are marketing.

Since our start, several companies have trusted us to spend over $50 million dollars of THEIR money to get new buyers.

The question you’re probably asking is, “Why are they turning to us?

  • Why did they think we could help them grow their 1 million contact email list to 3 million emails while reducing Cost Per Lead by 50% contacts (in just 6 months)?

  • Why did they trust us to scale their campaigns from 0 to 1,000 buyers in days?

The answer is as simple as it is easy to answer.

With decades of combined experience and millions upon millions of dollars of ad spend under our belts we’ve simply figured out exactly what works and what doesn’t based on data driven results.

We don’t give you magic formulas, silver bullets, or “special hacks to help you make money. Instead you get direct and instant access to the tips, and tactics you’d have to spend millions of dollars to learn yourself. Volution is dedicated to helping advise our customers on more than just media buying. We are actively apart of helping with page layouts, customer communication and so much more.

No matter what platform you’re interested in, what your goals are, or what your timeline is…

As long as you bring a healthy budget to the table we’ll integrate seamlessly into your company’s vision. In the process, we’ll help you scale and start making money faster than you can say “Facebook.”