We’ve been using Volution Media for a year now and have been very impressed with how fast they have been able to scale our digital publishing business. As compared to others we’ve hired in the past, Brad Kuhn and his team have provided an inordinate amount of value with experienced-based advice, metrics and tools for us to follow. Volution Media is truly best-in-class and delivers more than just a ROI on ad spend, they have really proven to have been our partners through this growth stage.
— Salvatore M. Buscemi CEO, The Commercial Investor

I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Brad for a little under 3 years now. In that time I’ve seen his expertise in managing traffic and selecting audiences help do some pretty incredible things. From helping one of our clients get to 6 to 8 figures in a matter of months to helping build one of the largest email lists in the country he’s got this whole “scaling” thing down.
He knows his stuff and he knows how to work with clients and give them what they need. He’s a great communicator and is super easy to work with. Basically, after every conversation with Brad you know he understands exactly what you want and will deliver exactly what you need. All the deliverables he produces work well and I can say if you choose to work with you’ll be confident every penny you spend will be worth it, the testing will be done correctly, and you’re going to come with the kind of data (and revenue) you were hoping to get.
— Adam Lantelme

If you’re planning on buying any media – especially email drops or Facebook – you definitely want Brad on your side to help plan out your strategy, measure your results, and make sure you aren’t flushing your money down the toilet.
— Nate Rifkin, NR Health Reasearch

Worked with Brad, Volution Media, for a little over an year. In the time he was able to take our large scale opt-in campaign, which had plateaued, and get leads cost down by 200%. We were able to sustain the leads quality and optimize our spend accordingly over a short initial period of time. This was great for our company because it opened us to new ventures, and gave our team more lee way to focus on the main parts of our business.
— Mike Litman, Dedicated Emails LLC